Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring car-spotting in Montreal

There are more and more cool cars on the road these days. Here is a sampling:

From the 80's:

Saab 900 SPG with aftermarket wheels
Very clean Porsche 928 S4
Lovely BMW 318is with cloth interior, no sunroof
The 90's:

A 993 that still seems to be daily driven
Cool Westfalia with Audi wheels
2000's and up:

The M4 looks sharp with HRE wheels
Don't know if these wheels are OEM or not, but they look great on this Unitronic GTi
I love who the C63 looks and sounds
Who buys a Rolls, then blacks out all the chrome?
The Aventador has a bit of that Countach quality, in that it looks more like a UFO than a regular car...
The Huracan is pretty special-looking too.
The new Maserati Quattroporte is not that popular, and the proportions are slightly off compared to the previous generation.
I liked the aggressive wheels and exhaust on this Z4M
A rare colour for the E46 M3, and nice wheels too.
I will be heading to Calabogie tomorrow for our second AISA racing school. I will take the Civic and hope to get in a couple of sessions on track. I haven't done anything else to the car since the last school, except properly bleed the brakes (with Alex's help, thank you). This car should be more comfortable to drive long distances than my last Civic, mainly due to the cruise control, softer suspension and stereo system.

And finally, a couple of cute photos of the boys.

Sitting together at the little desk
Oscar helps me in the Civic

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