Thursday, February 25, 2016

Random winter car spotting

Even though we are deep into winter, there are still many cool, or at least interesting, cars on the road.

Spotted before, a Subaru LP400, in matte orange
This BMW was the opposite of matte...
I love that BMW brought back Laguna Seca blue for the 3-series
This C63 coupe must be a handful in winter, especially with such low-profile tires...
I don't know why, but I've always liked this colour
First time I have seen a G-Wagen in this colour... it's kind of cool
Cool RC-F, ugly wheels
1M in winter? Yes please!
Another atypical winter car
991 and Model S on snow
When was the last time you saw a first generation Ford Probe? Not even a Probe GT, a base model!
When was the last time you saw a Mazda Millenia S? 
I like these SL's, and I like that this one is driven year round
Rare Saab 900 SPG, rarer colour!
997 Turbo's are almost a common sight in winter
Even in "S" trim
A Tesla Model S 90D Taxi? Wow...

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