Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Montreal Auto Show

I'm still catching up on posts from things that happened weeks ago! Here is the post about the Auto Show:

I attended the Montreal Auto show a couple of weeks ago with my parents, brother and the boys. It was a very crowded Saturday and it was far from optimal for viewing with little kids, but we made the most of it. The show itself was very similar to other years, and I can still never see myself wasting money on a new car. Still, it's nice to see what is new "in the flesh" instead of in photos on the internet. 

Here are a few photos I took before the boys had decided they'd had enough.

The surprising Acura ILX endurance racer. I had never seen a lighting setup like this before. This is what I call big budget grassroots racing.
Orange shirt and an orange Jag
I was surprised to see a BMW M4 GTS. I love how hardcore it is, but I can't say I love the looks...
I was also surprised to see the M2 so soon.
It only recently appeared in online media, and here it was, in person. I like it a lot more than the M4.
Jules loved the gullwing doors on the i8
The current Focus is a bit boring-looking, but with a nice flashy colour and a big turbo, I could get to like it.
Jules received a paper police hat after sitting in an SQ police cruiser
Oscar got in on the action as well. Luckily, this car's wheels were very clean!
All the current Lamborghinis look the same to me... but they still look really good!
Jules' favourite activity was getting into cars
Mazda brought a Global MX-5 Cup car. It seemed to have a very serious roll cage. I think I would paint my cage black so it didn't stand out so much
Weird colour, still a great car. Will this be the last year of priduction?
The nose is a bit too long, but over all, the Fiat Spider looks better than its MX5 cousin.
Probably Jules' favourite car to sit in: a Jeep with no doors
I was pleasantly surprised to see Porsche's latest endurance racer up close.

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