Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Petersen Automotive Museum

During our recent trip to L.A., I managed to convince the family (and our host Ray) to take in at least one automotive attraction. I chose the recently renovated and re-opened Petersen Automotive Museum. With a pre-schooler and a baby in tow, it's not easy to see all there is to see in such a place, but I still had a blast in the time we were there and managed to see pretty much everything that I would classify as must-see, following my own tastes. I think the rest of the group was satisfied that we didn't spend the whole day there, so overall, it was a worthwhile activity.

Here are a few of the photos I snapped:

 photo 20151228_142532_zpsronluzb1.jpg
The museum viewed from the street... it definitely stands out!
 photo 20151228_151938_zpswczfbur4.jpg
Mercer Raceabout, a VERY early sports car
 photo 20151228_151840_zpsf2epdhhj.jpg
The original SUV: Ford Model T
 photo 20151228_152103_zpsv2cfi7ff.jpg
The Jaguar CX75, featured in the latest Bond movie, will not see production
 photo 20151228_152122_zpsiy9b2oya.jpg
Magnum P.I.'s 308
 photo 20151228_153123_zpsg6f6euyl.jpg
A stunning Bugatti Atlantic
 photo 20151228_153445_zpsk7xhphqw.jpg
The car I most photographed: BMW 3.0 CSL Art Car
 photo 20151228_153524_zps8wjxxbtp.jpg
It looked good from every angle.

 photo 20151228_153643_zpsbw3h7eby.jpg
Another great angle...
 photo 20151228_1534110_zpsdevenozx.jpg
... and another!
 photo 20151228_153541_zpsc9dtrftd.jpg
Another art car, the BMW 850i
 photo 20151228_153826_zps01x4ylwq.jpg
A Zagato-bodied Ferrari
 photo 20151228_153900_zps9r6z7arg.jpg
A Veyron with a questionable paint scheme

 photo 20151228_1518560_zpsfiakyy53.jpg
I'm not into hot rods, but this one was lovely
 photo IMGP3654_zpsvjb3bwcz.jpg
Something for Jules: a full-sized Lightning McQueen
 photo IMGP3660_zpstkfcmctb.jpg
I don't usually love resto-mods, but they seem to have got everything right on this DeTomaso Pantera

 photo IMGP3673_zpso4zyhjv1.jpg
The new Ford GT (with the classic one in the background)
 photo IMGP3680_zpsfmwjcb3p.jpg
I like it, but maybe not as much as the previous version from the mid 2000's
 photo IMGP3683_zpsmzwr1dci.jpg
The classic GT40 still looks amazing
 photo IMGP3686_zpsqcazlzvr.jpg
Both cars together
 photo IMGP3687_zpsdm8xt8g6.jpg
It does look a bit strange with wire wheels, however, as they seem to come from another era while the rest of the car looks quite modern.
 photo IMGP3693_zpsyqxwagkr.jpg
A Ken Block Ford Fiesta
 photo IMGP3701_zps4onvvjck.jpg
An amazing vintage racing 'Vette
 photo IMGP3706_zpsuijb08y5.jpg
McLaren F1: the best street car ever
 photo IMGP3717_zps7tgdryay.jpg
An immaculate 50's Ferrari race car
 photo IMGP3730_zpslqfilpga.jpg
James Bond's DB5
 photo IMGP3734_zpsxi5pmydl.jpg
Another Ferrari in the silver room
 photo IMGP3739_zpszrcf6stx.jpg
Beautiful lines
 photo IMGP3741_zpsgk2dcrmz.jpg
Streamlined design
 photo IMGP3745_zpsouvgsm6o.jpg
The closed-wheel version of the Mercedes W196
 photo IMGP3750_zpsipayipru.jpg
One of the most valuable cars in the world
 photo IMGP3757_zpspsou1tq9.jpg
Ex-Fangio Lancia D24 in the race car room
 photo IMGP3772_zps1ofvwanf.jpg
Other beautiful sports racers
 photo IMGP3775_zpswtmpdmdg.jpg
The dominant Porsche 956
 photo IMGP3777_zpsnaatasb9.jpg
... beside it's older brother, the 936, in stunning Martini livery.
 photo IMGP3779_zpslbja9o4h.jpg
Two more Porsche endurance legends: the 935 and the 917 (in Gulf livery, no less!)
 photo IMGP3780_zpst43yrxn2.jpg
What a beast...
 photo IMGP3783_zpsj5du364z.jpg
The 917 still looks amazing
 photo IMGP3788_zpscfwagruh.jpg
The 936 looks like a rocket ship
 photo IMGP3791_zpszj1dkl77.jpg
... a mean rocket ship.
 photo IMGP3790_zpsxwsa0cgm.jpg
The 956 looks like it could still race today
 photo IMGP3802_zpsxqglgpcw.jpg
This McLaren Can-Am car looked pretty serious, even in orange
 photo IMGP3806_zpsgf5hh4nq.jpg
The World's First Superbike: Honda 750 Four
 photo IMGP3810_zpshx8iynb0.jpg
My namesake, the Vincent Black Shadow
 photo IMGP3816_zpsuonjvzkd.jpg
Not only is this Jaguar XKSS rare in itself...
 photo IMGP3819_zpsoyfo5ais.jpg
... it also happens to be Steve McQueen's former car!
 photo IMGP3822_zpsbs89lowi.jpg
A replica of the "First Practical Car", the Benz Patent-Motorwagen
 photo IMGP3823_zpsrxe4vct6.jpg
This Cisitalia looked great, despite the whitewall tires.
 photo IMGP3825_zpsr09iliyy.jpg
Jules enjoys a snack in front of a Saturn EV1... I guess they weren't all crushed
 photo IMGP3845_zpswmmnziix.jpg
Another Bond villain's vehicle, a Land Rover Defender
 photo IMGP3847_zpsxcbkjxrd.jpg
I remember this one from all the magazines: the Dodge Tomahawk, a four-wheeled motorcycle with a Viper V10!

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