Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Colours

Jules enjoys the nice weather at the park
Most of the leaves have fallen at this point, but the weather has still been quite nice. Yesterday was incredible, with a high of 17 degrees. It's time to spend as much time outdoors as possible before the cold and snow hit us!

The Mini's pale green contrasts nicely with the fall foliage
The Basilica this morning
Fall colours on the mountain... look how much bigger a 997 is than an early Miata!
The pumpkin-coloured M3 in its natural setting
The same yellow Z06 blending in with the fall surroundings
Neat cloud cover
I don't know much about bikes, but this BMW looks like a serious machine
It's not winter yet! Keep driving that Corvette to work.
The weirdly proportioned (and huge) Fisker Karma
A Cayman with 997 wheels looks like a squashed 997
The garage on Clark and Laurier works on some cool European cars
Another rare colour for the E46 M3
Oscar is smiling again after a few days of teething issues
The right colour combo for this car
... the wrong colour combo for this car.
I don't love the Allroad Audis, but this one had nice wheels
An unexpected sight in this grungy parking spot
I didn't know there was such a thing as a Spark RS Turbo. Good for you Chevy!
One of two V70R's spotted the same morning
Here is the other
Sleeper: the Legacy GT Spec B. It had a very nice interior
Nice paint, looks nice without the wing too
I love how the sunlight was shining right through the mud flaps
This STi owner replaced the taillights with much nicer/redder ones
These are the best OEM wheels for the new STi
This GTR was extremely clean and shiny
I read that in some places, there are hardly any unmodified early Miatas. Not so for Montreal!
There are some nice old buildings in Little Burgundy

Just across the street from the first one.

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