Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Catching up, part 1

OK, before I post about the details of the family vacation, I should post about the short period before the trip.

On the Sunday before we left, I joined Nico and two of his friends for a run on the trails of Mont-St-Hilaire. I had gone running a couple of times in the previous weeks, so instead of being unable to keep up with the others, I just had to work hard to keep up with them. Nico is ridiculousl fast running downhill on trails. As for me, I was even slower than usual, as I had to make sure I didn't sprain an ankle or something two days before our trip to Europe! Here a a few of Nico's photos.

 photo IMG_20150517_111833_zps8qix7umi.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_102447_zpsxpbyf1qr.jpg

 photo IMG_20150517_094624_zpsy0omtp5i.jpg

As Alex is the one in our family who organizes everything before we travel, we decided it would OK if, on the day before the trip, I take both boys out to an activity. I chose to take them to a combined time attack and road race at Autodrome St-Eustache. We only made it half way through the day, but I think Jules had a good time, while Oscar did not seem to have any complaints. I took a few pictures with my phone:

Jules in Pascal's race Integra
Jules enjoys a snack in the back of the M3, while Oscar enjoys one of many naps.
Someone bought this lovely Ferrari 599 to the event 
Probably the highlight of the event for Jules...
... the Legris' four-wheeler 
This track Civic EP3 looks like something I could have built!
Other than that, I am glad to be back in Montreal just as summer is getting started. Even though I missed Grand Prix weekend, there are still plenty of exciting cars on the road: 
I love the tasteful modifications on this beautiful M Coupe
The new Lexus coupe... I can't say I love it, but it certainly is distinctive-looking.
Maybe the cleanest E24 BMW I have ever seen, this is the rare (but not necessarily desirable) L6 model
All spotted yesterday:
Audi RS4, wolf in sheep's clothing
I saw this AMG again in the same spot. I can't believe someone is parking this beauty on the street regularly!

A rare Audi R8 GT
Aston Martin DBS

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