Thursday, April 2, 2015

Still pretty cold out...

There is not much going on in my automotive world, so I will continue with my comments on the weather: it's still cold! It was unseasonably cold through most of March and now that April is here, things are not much better. It will be snowing over Easter weekend, apparently.

Still, I managed to go on a long walk last Sunday with Oscar in the baby carrier. I had forgotten how enjoyable a walk in the neighbourhood could be. Even though it doesn't feel like spring is here, there are some cool cars on the road.
C63 Coupe with black wheels and red interior

I always wondered what happens with these cars when you hit something with no real bumper. Now I know. 
I've seen this cool JDM van around for years. Sadly, it's now starting to rust.
Great winter family car, complete with winter grime.
Another great family car, the AWD Maserati Ghibli
I never loved the design of these Civics, but with steel wheels, it looks OK. 
The more subtle version of the C63
I also took a couple of photos of some neat architectural sightings:

Super-cool third floor addition in Mile End
How about adding another level on the bottom! 
 With Easter approaching, we went to a shopping center with a zoo last weekend. Jules was pretty impressed. The farmers even let him pet this little rabbit.

I have spotted this cool Jag many times near my office, but this is the first time I noticed its new accessory.
Super Jules, taking a short break.
Fashion Jules, wearing my socks and Alex's flip-flops
Over all, I am looking forward to spending more time outdoors, although this will be my first spring without a Civic to play with since 2002. It's not easy seeing the track car season approach with no track car! One consolation is having an M3 with no outstanding issues since I change the faulty (brand new) wheel speed sensor.

On a final note:
I can almost fit my fist in there!

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