Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Coldest February ever! (Now thankfully over)

It turns out that February 2015 was the coldest on record. I am sure glad it's over. In the past couple of days, temperatures have climbed back into the normal range. Also, I have resumed walking to work in the morning. I find that I generally arrive at the office in a better mood if I have walked to work than if I have taken public transportation. Also, given that Alex and I have not been getting as much sleep as we would like to, thanks to a certain little guy named Oscar, it's nice to have a bit of physical activity to wake one up in the morning. 

Although Oscar is a bit fussy sometimes and does not like to sleep for long stretches at a time at night, we are happy to see that Jules is back to his old cheerful self and is almost always in a good mood. Here are some gratuitous pics of the boys.
I was told there would be food?
If you take my seat, I will take yours. Besides, I still fit!
I had a problem with the BMW last week where it felt like the car was not running on all cylinders. I used my code reader and found out there was a misfire on one cylinder. That same morning, I ordered a coil pack and Carl brought it to me the same evening. I managed to install it while wearing the baby carrier with Oscar in it and the problem was solved.

I was feeling pretty good about myself and decided to attack the faulty ABS sensor. I managed to change it in only a few minutes, but the code reader says the problem is still there. Either I installed a bad brand new sensor, or the problem lies elsewhere. It's a frustrating situation and I have yet to find a solution.

I was looking through old blog  posts with Jules and I realized that I had never posted a photo of my old Saab on this blog. I believe I only have one photo of the car, which was taken by a friend of mine at a Solo 1 event in 1998 or 1999. How different things were before the digital era! I have thousands of photos of my cars after I bought my first digital camera (in 2002, I believe). Anyway, here is a crop, along with the original.

 photo f8ec4357-e772-4b63-b1c8-dcc69c286d20_zpsentb9p3h.jpg

 photo saab_zpswfsbinya.jpg

I came across this neat mock-up of Patrick Séguin's race Civic for 2015. I never loved the design of these cars, but as a race car, with these wheels, it looks pretty darn cool. 

 photo race.civic.seguin_zpsghfijoco.jpg

Finally, here are a couple of pics of a Jaguar F-Type coupe I spotted yesterday. The car looks simply amazing in person, from any angle. Bravo Jaguar!

Oh, and my respects to the person who was driving an AMG SLS on Monday in winter conditions... I salute you!
What a great angle for this car!
The front looks mean as well

Another cool Jaguar being driven in winter:

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  1. I'm living on the east coast of the US right now and we've also had record-breaking winter! Especially in February. Man you have some rad hobbies and a great family! My family is the most important things to me, though I've never really had a big interest in cars. What things in your life bring you the most happiness?
    - Sam