Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to car spotting in Montreal

Although photos taken with my cell phone generally don't look that great, they can be improved with the simple editing tools on the Photobucket web site. Here are a few examples:

 photo IMG_20140723_131612_zpsed0c2318.jpg
Spotted this 930 Slant Nose today. I don't like it with these wheels...
 photo IMG_20140721_194922_zpsb45a63ea.jpg
Are those real center-locking wheels? Jules is unimpressed.
 photo IMG_20140721_193734_zpsc508d805.jpg
I suspect there was some sort of Porsche Club event in my neighbourhood. Nice contrast: 991 vs. 993
 photo IMG_20140721_163734_zps0fee0a67.jpg
A more affordable yet still appealing Porsche
 photo IMG_20140717_201236_zps19561d03.jpg
Moving to a Camaro theme: the ZL1
 photo IMG_20140722_222813_zpseb8beb3a.jpg
I was not a huge fan of these cars, but the SS is quite rare and still looks menacing 
 photo IMG_20140715_171715_zpsaeb74287.jpg
Moving to the Swedish side of things: turbo fast food delivery with this S60R
 photo IMG_20140719_112312_zps681ebcf6.jpg
A squeaky-clean Saab 900 SPG
 photo IMG_20140718_124309_zps05d85390.jpg
I don't know how many of these last-generation 9-5's are on the road, but I sure don't see many...

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