Thursday, October 31, 2013

We have a garage!

This is what our garage looked like a few weeks ago: no floor. Even after the new floor was poured, we had to wait a full month before being able to park on it. That month is over, and we now have a garage! I am almost giddy with the possibilities. I have to to decide whether I want most of my storage to be in the garage, in the machine room, or in the garage-sized room one level below the garage (this area can clearly be seen in these photos. I have the Civic in there now, and it makes me want to do all kinds of small jobs on the car. We have yet to decide which car will be kept in the garage. I am leaning towards the Civic, as entry and exit will likely be tricky with the BMW in winter. 

I have already removed 30 wheels and tires from my parents' house (my mother had been complaining about this for years). My next focus will be to bring items over from my rental garage, which I still have for four more months, and my locker at the office, which I still have for one more month.

The room below the garage offers a lot of space. Alex and I have to figure out how best to use it, just like the room next to the garage that is "ours"... initially, it was to be an office for Alex, but it turns out that she prefers to work upstairs when she is at home, so she can be near Jules.
We are now leaning towards making the room into an exercise room. To be continued...

We have been lucky with the fall weather so far, as it only started to get cold in the past few days. I think J. is still a bit young to enjoy playing in the leaves. When I sat him down in the pile, he gave me a look like he was saying "Daddy, why are you putting me on the ground here?". Maybe next year then!

I spotted a new BMW 435i... I was underwhelmed. I like the 3/4 series, but styling-wise, I do not see them as a step forward from the E90 generation.

There are still plenty of cool cars on the road, and even a few drivers brave enough to keep the roof down on their convertibles!

Cool cars spotted:
Alfa Romeo GTV2000 (late 70's)
Porsche Carrera RS America (the same one)
Porsche 997 GT2
Porsche 997 GT3
Porsche 924S
Maserati GT
Maserati Quattroporte
Ferrari F430
Ferrari California
Jaguar XJR
Jaguar XK-RS
Alpina B7
Dodge Viper
Lexus IS-F
Shelby GT500
Ford SVT Lightning

Yes, we get it, it's an M! 

Saw the same GT2 again, this time broken down on a street corner.

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