Monday, April 29, 2013

Jules' first day at the track!

I decided that, in order to do some pre-season testing on the Civic, I should head out to Sanair for the BMW Club of Quebec open house. I brought along Jules and my sister Val in the BMW, and Pat and his dad Alain met me there with the Civic.

Jules did not seem to mind the noise and spending the day outdoors, although he was a little bit fussy at the end of the day.

The Civic performed flawlessly. Pat and I both managed laps in the 1:02 range with the BFGoodrich street tires we will be running in the Super Production Challenge.This is not bad, as we had passengers when we recorded these times.

The tires themselves are not great, but they are not terrible either. Pat seems to have a bit rougher driving style than I do, but he was a couple of tenths quicker on most laps too. My smoother style was a bit slower, but I think it was easier on the tires. Pat will be running the first SPC race next Saturday while our little family heads out to Calabogie for the second AISA race school.

Our little team at the track

I can't reach anything!

Daddy forgot my sun hat, so I borrowed his!

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