Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The BMW is back!

... and I am very, very, very happy to have it! When you have a BMW (or any other European or high end car), you can have it repaired quickly or inexpensively, but not both. As I had chosen to have the M3 fixed by my friend Marc (at a cost of 300$ instead of 1300$ at the BMW dealer), I had no choice but to wait a few weeks before getting the car back. This was not so bad, as I was on vacation in China for three of those weeks and because Marc had lent me his Civic while he had the BMW. Still, I felt that I could not fully enjoy the summer without the M3. I bought the car at the beginning of winter, and after driving a sports car all winter, I felt that any inconvenience was worth it because I would get to enjoy the car in summer. It was painful to be denied this pleasure, but all is well now. Summer is here, and the M3 is back. Yes.

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