Monday, May 24, 2010

First time attack of the year.

The Civic at the time attack today
After having driven the race car for the first time of the year last week, I was looking forward to today's time attack. I had run a best lap time of 1:04.63 at St-Eustache last week and was hoping to dip into the 1:03's today. Alas, it was not meant to be. The car felt fine, but it was 30 degrees outside pretty much all day. My old tires never really felt good. At least I managed to turn my best lap, a 1:04.19, during one of the timed runs, and not during a practice. Late in the day, the transmission started to grind in third gear. This is not encouraging at all, as I just spent 600$ rebuilding this transmission, including the synchros. It was hard to shift into fourth as well on the driver home, which makes me think it might be the clutch (also new!). Rob came for the evening lapping and, happily, he found the unbolted ground that was causing the lighting glitch. Thanks Rob! While moving the tires around, I noticed that I had run most of the day with a 225-25-15 on the front right and a 205-50-15 on the front left. Oops! It didn't really make a difference. The front right works much harder at St-Eustache, so it was the right side to have the wider tire. As the day progressed, my lap times got progressively worse. In the last session, I had trouble getting down into the 1:05's! At least I finally found a good video setup with my Canon Pawershot A480 on my camera bracket. I will try to post some video when I can. Anyways, I'm not really happy with the tranny issue and I need to sort out some better tires if I want to get some decent lap times. The fastest overall car was a Civic that lapped in one minute flat. Quite impressive!

Only 6 days until the marathon... AAAHH! I've pretty much completed the training plan and now it's time to hope for the best. I hope the weather is not as hot as today!

News of Alex:
Alex has an interview for a job as a university professor this week. I just listened to her interview presentation and they would be fools not to hire her! We bought our vacation tickets and will be leaving June 5th for 2 weeks to Panama. This should be a good combination of exploration and beachy relaxation. Less than two weeks away!

Cool cars spotted:
Lotus Elise
Dodge Viper SRT10
Ferrari 360

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