Monday, October 5, 2009

Various updates

Well, I haven't really done much car-related stuff lately. JP borrowed the race car for the Tremblant weekend a week ago, finishing 1st and 2nd in class in the two races. I will be heading to Mosport with the ASE gang in a week for the final lapping event of the year, then I will be parking the race car. So far, they're predicting rain, but who knows what we'll get. Still, it should be a fun day at the track, if I can find some rain tires.

I have to admit that I haven't been keeping strictly to the running program... I've still managed to go out 2 or 3 times a week, and did a 24 km run Saturday evening. The big race is in less than two weeks at Orford. Apparently, it's gonna be more like 23 km than 21. I look forward to the challenge of running on a mountain for 3 hours. I hope it isn't too cold though...

The basketball seasons have started up again as well. I will be coaching grade 7-8 girls again and my sister Val has taken over most of my old team, coaching the grade 9 girls. I also started playing again on Friday nights. We lost our first game by 7 points, but we were missing some key players. I missed several easy shots.

It's basically that crazy time of year when the winter activities are in full swing and the summer stuff isn't over yet. Luckily, the condo is not taking up too much time and energy, as Alex had got a bunch of key things done before going to Chicago. Alex has commented that she's getting sick of our old Civic. She also mentioned that she would like our next car to be a bit more "prestige". She doesn't mean enthusiast prestige, like a Skyline or WRX... she means badge prestige. I told her we could get a nice BMW for less than 10 000 $ (which is quite true, I confirmed with a glance at the local classifieds). I told her I would want her to take a winter driving course if we were to switch to rear-wheel-drive, and she agreed. I don't think this "file" will move forward any time soon, but it gives me something to look forward to.

Cool cars spotted:
Aston Martin DB9
Porsche 997 turbo
C6 Corvette Z06
Ferrari 599
Ferrari F430
Lamborghini Gallardo
Maserati Quattroporte
1990 Mazda RX7 turbo II
Audi R8
Audi S8
Audi RS6
Audi RS4

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