Thursday, August 13, 2009

The car is still soldiering on

Another Monday night, another bunch of problem-free lapping sessions for JP and me in the Civic. We ran on some very tired Toyo RA1's and I couldn't go quicker than a 1:04.50, but the car was fun to drive. In fact, with the dead tires in the rear, it was almost tailhappy. Although it threatened to rain all evening, it never really did. When I look at JAG's photos, however, it seems there was something in the air...

Less smog?
Coming up this weekend is the next round of our Time Attack series at St-Eustache. It looks like JP and I will again be vying for best time in my Civic while his awaits a new tranny.

Cool cars spotted:
Alfa Romeo boat-tail spyder
70's Bentley
C6 Corvette Z06
Ferrari 575
Maserati GT
Aston Martin DB7

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