Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Acura TL: what were they thinking?

I saw the new Acura TL today... that is one homely car. The front "grill" is ridiculous and the rear looks like the worst Pontiacs of the past 20 years. I'm sure it's a pleasure to drive and it has more power than an NSX, but what an ugly car.

New Acura TL
Other than that, there has not been much going on car-wise. My Civic is much easier to steer at low speeds with the 175-70-13 winter tires. I will certainly go with something not too wide next spring, maybe a 185-60-14.

I have not done one bit of work on the race car. I'm not that motivated this early in winter I guess. I was watching Top Gear earlier and watched them add a splitter and wing to a Renault Avantime, a sort of minivan, and it got me thinking that I should try to make an airdam on the front of the race car, as this is allowed in the SCCA's IT classes. There are a bunch of things to do on the car and I really should get started. I can't wait to race the car again.
Speaking of Top Gear, they had this awesome Lamborghini, the Gallardo LP560-4. Wow. Just wow. When I was a kid, I had a Lamborghini Countach poster (what kid didn't?). I knew it was an object of desire, but it was in no way a race car. The Gallardo looks quite at home on the track, which only makes it more desirable to me.

Also on Top Gear, James May entered a really cool grassroots type race in Finland. People were driving old Volvos and Opels with beat up bodies around a track made up of dirt and asphalt. It looked really fun, and James May, who had been coached by none other than Mika Hakkinen, finished quite well. The story also featured an awesome Mercedes 190 2.3-16 rally car.

There are still some mighty nice cars on the road, despite the fact that winter is pretty much arrived:

Lamborghini GallardoFerrari F430
new BMW M3
new Subaru STi

Tomorrow, my basketball team plays its second game. Unfortunately, our best scorer has been suspended for poor academic performance. I hope the other girls can pick up the slack scoring-wise!

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