Monday, September 22, 2008

Goodbye B18, hello B16.

Well, Pat has informed me that the motor in the race car dropped a valve. Further investigation will show what happened and what the damage is. In the meantime, I bought that B16a2 that I saw advertised for 650$. I'll be going to pick it up with Pat tonight and he will install it in the next few days, hopefully soon enough for me to try it on the track before the end of TLC lapping nights.

I know the car will feel slow with only 160 hp, but I think it will be more reliable and will make me a better driver. I hope to be able to find a 4.78 or 4.9 final drive to allow the transmission to get the most out of the engine. I've always thought the 160 hp 1.6 was one of the coolest production engines ever made. If the car feels anything like JP's B16 Civic, it will be a hoot to drive.

I got some neat photos from the War Bonnet enduro.

Here is one by photographer Elizabeth Somers of one of the first laps of the race
I saw (and heard) a Ferrari F430 on the way to work this morning. The car is simply awesome. Whereas previous Ferraris have always looked like the embodiment of a sports car, the F430 actually looks and sounds like a race car. It's hard not to get excited when I see one of these cars. That's sort of what exotic sports cars are about, I guess.

Cool cars spotted:
Lancia Delta Integrale
Lotus Elise
Lotus Exige
Lamborghini Gallardo
Ferrari F430
New BMW M3
New Subaru STi
BMW 2002
Skyline R32 GTR

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