Friday, August 15, 2008

News Flash: the Civic is running in the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres this weekend!

Typical Stephane behaviour: Wednesday evening I receive a call, Stephane is mentioning that he's considering running my Civic in the Touring class of the Canadian Touring Car Championship this weekend at the GP3R. I wish him luck, telling him the event is probably sold out and the car may or may not have a head on the block. Yesterday was the registration... Steph was there. The car is in, and he qualified today (he had to shorten his session so he could rush back to Montreal for a family obligation). Just like that, the car is now a Canadian Touring car! Good luck Steph! There is a race Saturday and one Sunday. Let's hope the car holds up... it just got its new head gasket and has had no testing at all, except the drive to Trois-Rivieres...

This is what the car looked like the last time I saw it
GP3R with the car in 2005 (before the engine blew up)

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