Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snowcross events 2 and 3... not so good

This weekend, I attended the 2nd and 3rd snowcrosses in Ottawa. I didn't do as well as at the first event. On day 1, I stuffed it in the snowbank on my last run (managed to drive out, but still scored a DNF for 2 wheels off) and threw away a possible class win. Still, I managed a 3rd place.

On day 2, I was doing OK after the first configuration, but went really slow on my first run of the second configuration. I did a pretty good second run, but in the third run, I stuffed it deep in a snow field before even reaching the first corner. The cloud cover was creating a weird lighting effect and I simply could not see the corner at the end of the start straight. When I finally saw it, I jabbed the brakes and the carr pitched to the left, off the track. Worse still, when being towed out, I ran over a small frozen hay bale and screwed up the alignment somehow. Also, the small exhaust leak got bigger and I clearly need a new B-pipe, as mine is full of holes. I will probably pick one up that I found on the internet. Carl took the car to Trac/Simo to fix the problem with the alignment and I should have the car back tonight.

The back to back events made for an exhausting weekend, but it was still a fun event. My next event might be a real ice race in Minden, Ontario, if I can find a rental ride. Stay tuned...

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