Sunday, February 17, 2008

The next level: ICE RACING!

Sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of days... there really has not been much in terms of car stuff and I've been very busy with work. I took a long weekend to Niagara with Alex to enjoy a romantic Valentine's weekend last week. It was really nice (although the exhaust is getting quite loud on the Civic with all the leaks). It was the first time I had used a GPS device in the car and it was quite fun. No matter where I drove in the Niagara area, I only had to press a couple of buttons for directions back to my hotel. I also found out that my speedometer was optmistic. When it indicated 75 mph, I always thought I was gong 120 km/h. In fact, the GPS says that 80 mph on my speedo corresponds to 120 km/h. Good to know!

The big news this week: Carl managed to find me a rental drive in an ice racer for February 24th. We were already heading to Minden in Ontario to check out the races in the Magnum Ice Race Series, but I had hoped to be able to actually try ice racing myself.

Thanks to Lee W of the HADA club, I will be driving in the Sunday races next weekend in a 1990 Civic Si. I have to decide whether to run in the rubber class or the stud class, or both, which would involve a bunch of tire changes. I will be sharing the car with a more experienced driver who will run in the rubber class. It should be awesome! I couldn't find a photo of the car online, but here is a link to a video of the stud class in Minden taken by Lee W:

I just have to get my race license renewed this week to be eligible and that's it! I can't wait!

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