Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wish list

When you get together with other car guys, one subject that is likely to come up is your car wish list. Of course, there are many versions of the game: no limit budget, maximum 5 cars is a fun one, 50 000$ limit is another, 5 cars, only new cars allowed, etc. All versions are fun to play.

However, I enjoy "reasonable" dreaming more than "lottery win" type dreaming.The list I propose today is the following one: a realistic list of cars that one could reasonably afford at one point. Here is my list:

1- 2nd gen Miata: I like these cars more and more, gotta have a roadster

2- Saab 9-3 5-door: I still like Saab's and their terrible resale value makes them affordable

3- Jaguar XJ sedan: proper Jaguar sedans are lovely, but probably not reliable enough for every day. I like the idea of a sort of car for special occasions

4- Chevy Astro: tow + camping vehicle. I've always liked these vans, I think they just look right. Also, they can tow 5000 pounds

5- Honda race car: something like my present car, around 200 hp and reasonably light weight

6- Smaller Honda race car: something like a 70 hp ITC-class Civic std, that can be used on track when the other race car is unavailable, as well as for enduros.

I think that this list can be put together for under 60 000$, or the price of a new luxury car. Imagine having all these cars... It would be a dream come true. Of course, the space to keep 6 cars would be extremely expensive! Still, it's fun to dream.

What happened to going to check out the M3 with Rob? Choke. He saw reason and decided to hold on to his 325 a while longer, as he's looking to buy a house.

I thought I would pick up the blue Civic today, but Pat said that the antenna cable needed replacing and he said there is a weird short that prevents the turn signals from working properly. Looks like the car will be with him for another few days. I stuck my residential parking sticker on the Civic, and it's often hard to park the 323 without it (which gets on Alex's nerves, since I promised her the move to the Civic would be seamless for her... oops!).

I went running tonight and broke my record again, despite the sub-zero weather: 46:34 for 10 km. I did 5 more pages of master's paper, so I'm now at 30 pages. Feels good!

Cool cars spotted:C6 Corvette Z06
Aston Martin DB7
late 70's Chevy Van camper in mint condition

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