Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ok, now it feels like winter. It was 0 degrees pretty much all day. It's the first day I had to wear a tuque on my walk to work. There are still some sports cars out there... I saw a Z06 last night.

I visited my Civic at Pat's yesterday... I look forward to taking possession, hopefully this weekend. I gave him the MP3 player to install, I hope he pulls it off.

I was chatting online with my buddy Rob and, as usual, he started sending me ads for used BMW's and race cars. When he sent me an ad for an E46 race car at 33 000$, I suggested he just trade in his 325 for an M3 and just enjoy that car, using it on the street and at the occasional track day. I told him if he really needed to race, he could borrow my car. The M3 is an extremely competent track car, even in stock form. I bet it's equally pleasant to drive on the street. We're supposed to go check one out tonight, if Rob doesn't choke!

My Master's paper is due on December 20th. I really attacked it today and I'm at 25 pages out of 50. I hope to add another 5 pages tomorrow. My new philosophy for this paper is to attack it (after procrastinating all summer). ATTAAAAACK!

Cool cars spotted:
Touareg V10 TDI
Jeep SRT8
C5 Z06

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