Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mazda still not sold...

The person who called me about the 323 came to see it yesterday. He was turned off by the damaged driver door which allows water to enter the car. I sort of get that... maybe I should fix it before selling the car.

What's funny is that he actually asked why I bought the car in the first place. The short answer would have been "I'm a cheap-ass". I told him that I simply did not want to have to make any car payments... ever. I also told him that the 323 was a great car for me as it was spacious, economical, reliable and pleasant to drive. Why sell it then? Because the Civic rocks. It will not be as economical as the 323, but the performance is so much better. This is really the car Honda should have made: a 140 hp 1.8 liter Civic 3-door. It is as pleasant to drive as the 323, but with so much more available torque and much higher handling limits.

I really have to fight the urge to modify it, because that's really money out the window and it would increase the chance of the car getting stolen. The only thing I might be interested in is finding all the parts needed to install cruise control on the car.

News item: the track at St-Eustache was sold to a business man involved in motorsports named Alan Labrosse. I don't know how this will affect activities, but I'm glad it's a car guy who bought the place.

Despite the winter weather, there are still some nice cars out there:
Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental convertible
new BMW M6, looking predatory in black

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