Monday, November 26, 2007

ITB 1988-1991 Civic DX

I just found out that the SCCA has transferred the 1988-1991 Civic DX to Improved Touring B. It was previously in ITA, the same class as the 1989-91 Civic Si, CRX Si and Integra RS. In 2001 when I bought my first Civic, a 1988 DX, I hoped the SCCA would one day do this. When I bought another 1988 DX in 2006, I actually wrote the SCCA requesting the change.

My late and lamented 1988 Civic street car:


I have been dreaming of building an ITC 1988-1991 Civic for a while, but the logistics always seemed tough, since that model was not available in Canada. This is not the case with the DX... there are tons of them. This makes me think that my next project should be an ITB class 88-91 Civic DX.

Here is an example of a budget project:

Stage 1: Track ready street car
buy Civic DX - 1200$
change bushings - 500$
buy used Koni shocks and H&R springs - 500$
pads-discs - 150$

Stage 2: ITB legal, but slow
weight reduction: 0$
roll cage: 1500$
used seat: 200$
belts: 200$
kill switch, etc.

Stage 3: ITB, closer to mid pack
Si final drive: 200$
generic header: 120$
race exhaust: 200$
Ground Control coilovers: 400$

I can't stop thinking about a project like this! Damn the SCCA for making my dream of a 100 hp enduro-friendly Civic race car more realistic!

I think if my short/medium term plans were to stay in Canada, I would probably sell my SiR and buy a tow vehicle, trailer, and start this build.

The worst part of a plan like this is that it starts with a 1200$ car... so easy... must resist...

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