Sunday, September 30, 2007

Japanese Grand Prix

Wow, that was an exciting F1 race in Japan. During the first part of the race when they were following the safety car, I just wanted the officials to let them race! When they finally did, it was quite exciting.

I have to say, I approve of paved runoff areas as it allows drivers to re-enter the race safely after a small off. I loved watching Raikkonen catch up to Kovalainen and the insane last-lap battle between Kubica and Massa. I felt really bad for Vettel, though, who ran into the Red Bull car of his quasi-teammate and threw away a potential podium finish. Still, he became the youngest ever driver to lead a race at age 20.

I've been watching most F1 races this year and have often fallen asleep due to the lack of action (and early hour of the European races). Although I briefly fell asleep last night (I have a cold and it was getting late) I found the race extremely enjoyable to watch. Maybe F1 would be more entertaining if it rained more often.
Edit: here's a video:

I went for a long drive in the Eastern Townships and it made me wish I had a Miata to enjoy the back roads and fine weather. I saw several cool British cars, including an MGA, TR4, and Jaguar E-Type coupe. Gotta start saving up for a Miata...

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