Monday, October 1, 2007

Honda hassles...

I talked to my friend Carl today about his experience at the Solo 2 Nationals in Topeka Kansas. He told me how some loser protested him for an illegal aftermarket little hose on his valve cover, resulting in a loss of 9 positions. Unbelievable... He mentioned the Mosport lapping day in one week, but I think I'll have to pass. It's always a 2-day commitment to go to Mosport and it will cost a lot less in time and money to simply go instruct at the lapping day at St-Eustache. He told me that Trac had ordered new fenders, hood and bumpers for my race car, so I hope to soon have a pretty car once again. This is what the car looked like when I first built it:

This is what the car looked like when I first built it

As far as the blue Civic goes, the improper importation saga continues. I received a call from Border Services today. They told me that the car was supposed to be imported temporarily and never to be sold in Canada. They also told me that it never went through a federal inspection. They said that the provincial inspection was irrelevant. They initially wanted me to take the car to a federal inspection at a cost of 222$. I told them that it was not my fault or problem that the car was not inspected (if that was even the case, I told him that the car had clearly been modified to Canadian standards) and that I only paid 550$ for the car in the first place because the engine had a problem. I also told the guy that the car was in no condition to pass a new inspection and that I had no recourse against the seller, as he had moved to Europe. The guy seemed sympathetic and told me he would call back, which he did. When he called back, he told me that Border Services would not force me to send the car for inspection after all and that they were going to emit the document that says the importation of the car was done properly. He said that the importer had been fined and that he could therefore make a certificate of proper importation since all fees had been paid. He sort of said that getting the car inspected or not was none of his business anymore and that I could do what I wanted to. The guy suggested I call Transport Canada once he sends me the certificate of proper importation to see about an inspection. I guess that's what I'll do...

Cool cars spotted today:
RHD Mini Mayfair
Alpine A310 V6
997 Turbo (beautiful in white)

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