Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Track Car Project: Part 4: alignment and tires

The Civic project continues to move forward. I took the car to the alignment shop on Monday and also asked that the mechanic also install the new tires I got from Carl at Perry Performance (Bridgestone RE71R in 205-50-15).

Everything went really well until I got home and realized that the car now had 1/16 of an inch of toe in instead of the toe out I had asked for. It was my own fault, as I had handed the mechanic a paper with numbers on it and I had forgotten to place a "minus" symbol in front of the toe number. 

 photo 20160411_175147_zpsrn4cvlld.jpg

I took another appointment and went back today and the guy adjusted the toe again. He did not even charge me and would not take any money either. I really respect that (Auto BG in Laval, if anyone reading this needs an alignment). I haven't been able to enjoy the engine, suspension or tires much on the city streets, which are full of terrible drivers and incredible spring potholes. I can't wait to drive the car on the track! I've topped up the oil and I think the car is ready for its first track outing this weekend. That's pretty much it for the modification portion of the project. Now, I just want to get out there and drive it!

 photo 20160413_082235_zpsgsodmmqs.jpg

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