Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spotted on my lunch brake

I have to say that Montreal's downtown area is a pretty decent place for spotting interesting cars in summertime. These six photos were all taken today at lunch in the space of 15 minutes.

 photo IMGP9060_zpsqcnwghdd.jpg
Nice Z4M
 photo IMGP9063_zpsrhc4x48j.jpg
Great colour for the Vette
 photo IMGP9053_zps4kdpxezi.jpg
The Ghost is surprisingly nice in burgundy
 photo IMGP9045_zpswkrzs9qk.jpg
The Continental has aged well. This is a V8S version.
 photo IMGP9069_zpszzzypoqf.jpg
One of the great sleepers: 4-door M3
 photo IMGP9077_zpsou7ozne5.jpg
One of the most exotic cars you can buy for less than 100 000$.
Here are a few more spots from around my office from the past few days.

 photo IMGP9000_zpsxmre2o5v.jpg
Getting rare now, Corrado VR6
 photo IMGP9011_zpsjtbtfkwy.jpg
These are the best OEM wheels for the standard 911
 photo IMGP8998_zpstumbom5h.jpg
Not my favourite 911, but it looks decent with these wheels
 photo 1a739340-2d28-484c-9fea-2952fb29fc7f_zpsiwibvs9l.jpg
It doesn't look great from every angle, but the I8 is still a stunning car
Another recent Continental, this one is a Supersports
I have never liked the Mercedes ML-class, but in silver with black wheels, it doesn't look half bad
The Corvette looks quite exotic in yellow
I love the Lotus Evora. Maybe some day they will become an affordable used car?
Crap night photo, but it shows that older Ferraris, like this 456, are much nicer than the current California.
Another Ford GT. What a great colour combo
The two older gentlemen in the car had to strain a bit to get out of it
A future classic for sure
Oh, and on Jules' birthday last Sunday, we came across this immaculate Jaguar E-Type. What a lovely car!

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