Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jules' 3rd birthday is almost here...

The celebrations have already begun, however, as my sister Val (whose birthday was on August 8th) held a joint birthday event for Jules and herself. The partying continues this Sunday, when we hold the kids' party.
Jules is not quite sure what is going on with the singing and cake
But he knows what to do with cake when the time comes
Despite the so-so weather we have been having, we are enjoying summer. We spent a very nice weekend in the Eastern Townships with our friends Nico and Solenne and their two kids, which involved spending a day in Magog and a day at the beach at Orford provincial park. Nico and I went for a trail run on Mount Orford, on some of the same trails used in the X-Trail event we did a few years ago (see my post about it: HERE). Surprisingly, I was less exhausted than on the last two runs I did with Nico (St-Hilaire and Val David). This is probably because the course is so technical that you find yourself walking quite often and this gives you a lot of time to recover. On the downhill part, you can barely run at all, because it is so steep and full of obstacles. I haven't gone running in the city much lately, because I am just so tired at 9:30 pm, when I would usually head out. I look forward to Oscar sleeping through the night more regularly, which should happen soon.

Oscar attacking his Grandpa at a BBQ at my parents' house
Oscar in his usual good mood
Jules waits for the bus with his Grandma
This is how Jules sits on my bike as we walk to the daycare (when it's not raining!)

Jules always enjoys sitting in a 4-wheeler
Close-up of a cool old road sign in Eastman
Car stuff: not much is going on the car front. The BMW continues to run well. The often rainy weather seems to have an effect on how many rare and exotic cars one can spot on the street.

The family car, still relatively clean after a wash
A rare early Barracuda in Magog
I still love the look of the rare Cadillac XLR
I know I say it often, but darn, I love the Ford GT!
It just looks so exotic among regular cars!

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