Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More cool spots + Alex has a birthday

Here are some more spots from near my home or work:
Someone found a good use for this ML55...
When you need a stable but fast camera car, call AMG
This lovely Sunbeam Tiger was parked across from the camera car.
I assume it was part of the shoot
This is a "Plain-Jane" Audi R8, but it looked great with these wheels.
This satin black M3 was parked at our neighbour's house. I am over these flat colours, but the car still looked good.
I was very surprised to see this ultra-rare Porsche 964 Carrera RS America parking near my office the other day.
Given the number in the side rear window, I presume it sees some track time, as it should!
You don't see a lot of these Z4 M-Coupes, but I quite like them. They are very exotic-looking.
Alex had her birthday last weekend, which involved several pleasant meals with friends or family. Here we see Jules and Alex on the terrace at the Croissanterie.

La Croissanterie
I baked a cake and practiced drawing Peppa Pig in icing so that I can make a similar cake on Jules' birthday next month. It should be a surprise, as Jules was not around to see this "test" cake. We had both Jules and Oscar sleep over at family members' houses on Saturday night, as a another sort of test: will Alex and I be able to go away for a weekend without the kids this fall? The test went well, so I think the answer will be "yes".

Peppa cake!

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