Friday, May 1, 2015

Jules haircut number 3... a success!

Jules had his third ever haircut last weekend, and unlike the other two times, he did not cry at all. He was actually in a pretty good mood the whole time.

Jules calmly gets a haircut while Oscar grabs a nap
We opted for the gel in the end
As spring continues, more and more people are rolling out interesting cars.

I am a sucker for flashy graphics... I actually like the XKR sticker
One of the rarest cars I've seen all year, an AMG SLS Black Edition, in orange no less!
I've seen this car before and I don't know if it's a real Shelby, but it looks and sounds nice.
M4 in one of the flashiest colours available
I don't know if this Fiat is a custom job or not, but it has an interesting look
I've always thought the new WRX was more of a good car than a stylish one, but with these wheels, it looks quite appealing.

This Porsche 930 with the mismatched rear bumper looked badass!
A very shiny Lexus ISF
I saw this F12 all winter, so it's no surprise to come across it in the spring.
I'm not a huge fan of old Mercedes sedans, but this one looked right in this setting.
This is how my soup was served a few days ago at L'Arrivage. That night, the Habs lost the first of two in a row to the Senators (they then went on to win the series 4-2).

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