Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Photos from the 2015 AISA Race School at St-Eustache

Here are a few photos I took at the AISA Race School at St-Eustache, where I was instructing last weekend. It felt nice to be at the track, especially given the decent weather we had. As usual, there was quite a mix of cars out there. Enjoy!

 photo IMGP8258_zpsm9ujvosj.jpg
 photo IMGP8248_zpsxqtbssps.jpg
 photo IMGP8238_zpsmbg5arut.jpg
 photo IMGP8229_zps4vbj52nx.jpg
 photo IMGP8233_zpsbftapouf.jpg
 photo IMGP8234_zps4yowupla.jpg
 photo IMGP8236_zpsbtitxqdy.jpg
 photo IMGP8227_zps7mbpbqcx.jpg
 photo IMGP8224_zpss06eoysk.jpg
 photo IMGP8223_zpset7gorbj.jpg
 photo IMGP8214_zpssdcbnij5.jpg
 photo IMGP8179_zpsuiehzq1q.jpg
 photo IMGP8196_zpsjmyilnvu.jpg
 photo IMGP8203_zpsyjman0sd.jpg
 photo IMGP8211_zpsek4pxxrx.jpg
 photo IMGP8168_zpsiixqiz4m.jpg
 photo IMGP8160_zpsabdsbihg.jpg
 photo IMGP8150_zpshgroy5ll.jpg
 photo IMGP8144_zpswevfy4r2.jpg
 photo IMGP8123_zpsfhyhaavf.jpg
 photo IMGP8131_zps6c4cfzbu.jpg
 photo IMGP8133_zpsydrlyeud.jpg
 photo IMGP8136_zpsv9esd3uh.jpg
 photo IMGP8110_zpsewivuqey.jpg
 photo IMGP8091_zpshvsykudw.jpg
 photo IMGP8088_zpseakw7hsk.jpg
 photo IMGP8274_zpsgfi8taln.jpg
 photo IMGP8255_zpsaaao9eur.jpg
 photo IMGP8082_zps6o1tpj38.jpg
 photo IMGP8087_zpses5shyrg.jpg
 photo IMGP8257_zpsmoklkyo3.jpg
 photo IMGP8193_zpsradwcmpm.jpg
 photo IMGP8073_zpsnlrypyhn.jpg
 photo IMGP8278_zpsbggdzrwl.jpg

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