Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fall weather no more

Winter conditions are here. It has been snowing and below zero for a few days now. I got my winter tires on the car just in time. The lovely fall weather could not last forever.

The biggest news is that we are poised for the arrival of a new baby in the next few days. It could happen any time now! I am trying to clear my work schedule for a few days so I can be home with the family. It's an exciting time! Everything at home seems to be ready...

I just realized that it's been a while since I made a regular post, so here are a few updates on other things:

Jules went trick-or-treating on Halloween dressed as a giraffe:

After a few houses, he realized that the amount of candy he would get was proportionate to the number of houses we visited.

When we got home, he started to play with his "approved" candy. Of course, Alex and I had to eat the "unapproved" candy (and, later, a good portion of the approved candy too). Also, Jules likes to remove his pants as soon as he gets home.

I also baked an apple pie from scratch. It came our pretty good, although I realized I could have packed in even more apples:

Our neighbours made this awesome Yoda pumpkin:

A couple of days ago, the plastic roof on Jules' toy Mini finally broke for good. The car is now a convertible. He loves it.

Our friends Franck and Valérie came over the other day and gave Jules these neat Christmas-themed pajamas. He loves them too.

I saw this new Camaro the other day. Over all, I quite like the look of it. I was surprised to see this adjustable flap on the rear. Does it come with this?

The new S-Class is nice. The AMG version, even nicer!

It's funny how I did not used to like the 1-series. Now, I realize that I like it, even with steel wheels.

Other comments: I saw the new Honda Fit. I don't love the look, as there is a bit too much plastic and it seems the designers were trying a bit too hard....

I have seen the new Mercedes C-class... I think I like it, but I have to see one close up to be sure. I like the headlight pattern on the E-class, and I wonder if the C-class has a similar one.

As for winter driving: respect to the guy I saw this morning with the Porsche 993 with the busted headlight. Even more respect to the driver of the early 911 Targa I saw earlier in the week!

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