Thursday, February 13, 2014

Speaking of photos...

... I just got a great deal on a used digital SLR camera. It's not cutting edge technology (2006 model), but I think it will allow me to dabble in manual photography with a minimal investment. Here is a phone pic of the camera:

Pentax K100D with Sigma 18-200 lens
Here are some of the first photos I have taken (mostly in full auto mode). I know I have a lot to learn...

Winter scenery (on the walk to and from the office)

 photo IMGP3971_zps74f004ef.jpg

 photo IMGP3959_zpsa6429387.jpg

 photo IMGP3965_zps395bbee3.jpg

 photo IMGP3714_zpse0de1064.jpg

 photo IMGP3987_1_zps20e63b34.jpg

Architecture and design (near the office)

 photo IMGP3989_1_zpsd97c5e03.jpg

 photo IMGP3991_2_zps8a1b7e3f.jpg

 photo IMGP3985_1_zpsfedb722d.jpg
Centre du Commerce Mondial
 photo IMGP3980_1_zpscb99a7c0.jpg
A piece of the Berlin Wall
 photo IMGP3981_1_zps856b79c7.jpg

Although there are not many sports cars around, there are certainly some luxury cars to be seen...

 photo IMGP3705_zpsf239916a.jpg

Cool cars spotted:
Rolls Royce Ghost
Rolls Royce Phantom
Bentley Continental Flying Spur
Bentley Mulsanne
AMG E63 Wagon

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  1. Félicitations pour cet achat ! Samedi, quand vous allez venir visiter notre nouvel appart, je vais te prêter mon livre sur la photo numérique. C'est très intéressant.