Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Montreal Auto Show 2014

I visited the Auto Show yesterday with Jules and my mom. This was J's second car show, as he attended last year when he was 5 months old. This year, he was able to enjoy more than just the bright lights. He now knows how to say "car" and he quite enjoyed walking around the show, especially if there were little ramps where he could go up and down.

The show itself was nothing special, but I got to see in person some cars I had only seen online, like the Dodge Viper, Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Porsche 991 Turbo, BMW M3 and M4 and BMW 2-series. It was a pleasant afternoon and we all had a nice time. Here are a few photos.

 photo IMG_1921_zpse4d80425.jpg
J. and I with a flag-covered SUV
 photo IMG_1922_zps956b9140.jpg
Mean Aventador
 photo IMG_1924_zps85fe3f27.jpg
Another Aventador
 photo IMG_1925_zpsd7c69a07.jpg
Porsche 911 Turbo S... 216 000 $
 photo IMG_1926_zpsf12e1cf4.jpg
J enjoying a cartoon drift car
 photo IMG_1931_zps09a8de5b.jpg
Viper coupe still looks great, and a lot like the one from the 90's
 photo IMG_1934_zps2a7ae16c.jpg
J in his Jeep
 photo IMG_1936_zps7f8f052d.jpg
Absolutely gorgeous F-Type Coupe
 photo IMG_1939_zpsa3264278.jpg
J tries to steal a GT-R badge for his bedroom wall
 photo IMG_1941_zpsdd14c4f0.jpg
Jules liked the M4
 photo IMG_1944_zps01b67cf3.jpg
... although I was never crazy about that colour
 photo IMG_1947_zps337d7676.jpg
New M3 seats look amazing
 photo IMG_1950_zps0d89dbdc.jpg
This M3 sedan was breathtaking... the photo does not do it justice. I want one!
 photo IMG_1951_zpsc31c5d12.jpg
J tries out the M235i
 photo IMG_1957_zps3e4741f9.jpg
He also seemed to quite like this bobsled
 photo IMG_1959_zps56e8c539.jpg
Handbrake turn in the Subaru BRZ
This Jaguar is shiny!
Nicely restored 356
Felino concept car, looks neat, but not production-ready
Felino in white


  1. Those cars look amazing! And they even had a bobsled! It seems Little Jules has also developed a liking to some cars, such as the cartoon drift car and the M4. I guess he likes the colorful ones? The concept car looks great as well. I wonder when it would see the green light to be roadworthy. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Bradford Oliver @ Lacustoms Performance Products

  2. It must've been amazing to see those cars up close! With those photos, I can see that Jules inherited your love for cars, what with those big smiles and his willingness to take a photo with the different models. Haha! Kidding aside, it’s great that you’ve been using those shows as a means of family bonding, and it could be another way of finding what you want for a dream car. Thanks for sharing!

    Colin Morton @ Sea Port Auto