Monday, January 21, 2013


Ready to eat

What can I say about turning 40? It doesn't feel like such a big deal. I guess that’s because things are going well and I don’t have any regrets about not achieving specific goals before reaching 40. I’m married with a baby (wonderful wife, wonderful kid!), I have the job I want, I have a condo in a neighbourhood I love, I have 2 cool cars, I’m in good health… really, there is nothing to complain about!

Speaking of good health, I have signed up for the Ottawa marathon in late May. I know I’m not in great shape these days because I’m not really doing any physical activity except walking to work. It’s gonna be tough to get back in shape… I have to be ready to run four times a week starting in March.

Speaking of my birthday, it was raining on January 13th. That’s the first time I can ever remember rain on my birthday.

Speaking of the baby, he is doing well, and he is a joy to have around. Both Alex and I love spending time with him and luckily for us, he enjoys being out and about in the neighbourhood in his baby carrier. We are also fortunate enough to have two grandmothers willing to babysit Jules several times per week if needed!

The Montreal Auto Show is on now. I will probably end up going again this year. I can't not go, yet I almost always regret going. Will I regret it this year? We'll see. 

I noticed that near the ticket counters, there were three Scion FR-S’s, all modified by different tuners. As I have mentioned before, I love that car. I realized why they look so good compared to almost any other sporty car on the road: they sit so low to the ground, much lower than almost any other car. The proportions are also great. Here are the photos of the tuner cars.

Fake race car number 1
Pretty but fake race car number 2
Prettiest of the three fake race cars
Strangely enough, they installed race seats and harnesses with no rollover protection. I’m a bit surprised this was allowed by Scion...

I have ordered a couple of parts for the race car, but nothing has been done yet about the piston ring issue or the bodywork. All that has been done is to deliver the car to Pat Boyer’s place. I can’t wait for the racing season to start, but I also worry the car will not be ready…

Cool cars spotted:
Rolls-Royce Ghost
Nissan Skyline R33
Audi RS4
Audi R8
Land Rover Defender 110
AMG C63 Coupe
Bricklin SV-1(!) 

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