Thursday, December 6, 2012

Diamonds are 2 for 2

I thought that the first team that my boys played had to be one of the weaker ones in our league, but we played against an even worse team last weekend. Despite the fact that our high scorer from the first game wasn't there, we still won by 29 points.

Discipline seems to be an issue with the boys, as many of them get detention and generally get in trouble for being loud. At yesterday's practice,  I didn't even let them leave the locker room until they could quiet down and listen to a few simple instructions. It took almost 15 minutes our of our 90-minute practice! Still, all 15 guys showed up, and they definitely have heart. I think this is my first season coaching where we start off the season with 2 wins. Our third game is coming up on Monday.

This 635csi has been for sale for a couple of months in Ontario. Want! But where would I park it?

Alex and I are getting more sleep now that Jules sometimes sleeps through the night. He is practicing rolling onto his side and spending time on his stomach... it doesn't seem like such a big step to crawling. I guess I should enjoy this time where he is not yet mobile.

Sometimes he rolls over, then sleeps!

I borrowed my friend Nico's Honda Fit to go pick up a couch yesterday. What a great little car. It's quite fun to drive and makes the BMW feel really heavy when you drive the two cars back to back. Is there a car that is as light-feeling as the Fit and as torquey as the BMW? Maybe an 80's BMW 325?

Cool cars spotted:
Fisker Karma
Nissan GTR

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