Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy week

It's been a busy week, trying to get all the final preparations taken care of for the race school this weekend. There will be 60 students and about 30 instructors. Pretty good ratio! I will be renting out my street car to a student who needed a last minute ride. This led me to try to change the front brake pads. I was unsuccessful, as one of the calipers was jammed and I couldn't fit it over the new pads! I will try again with the help of Lee W. this evening (and with a brand new caliper). I drove the car with the summer tires for the first time yesterday... what a difference! 175-70-13's vs. 205-50-15's... night and day! Still, I look forward to changing cars at some point in the next few months. I love Civic's, but I'm getting old and snobby. I want leather seats, cruise control and a car with no rust!

My transmission parts are finally in and hopefully the race car will be ready in a few days. I hope I finally have all I need to assemble a functional transmission with limited slip differential and 4.785 final drive.

I attempted to hold the last basketball practice of the year yesterday, but there were only two girls there. The moral: it is pointless to try to continue to hold weekly practices after the final game of the year. I must remember this next year! It is better to set a definite end date for the season, then stick with it, so I can focus on other projects. My men's team has the week off before starting the best-of-3 finals next Friday.

I've continued with the running plan. Yesterday, I had to do three sets of 2 km at 4:10 per km as part of a 16 km run. Not that easy to find 2 km stretches with no hills and traffic lights in the real world! I'm glad I have a fixed plan, because if I only went running when I felt like it, I would not go very often... especially with the cold and windy weather we've been getting. I'm supposed to run 18 km tomorrow and 26 km on Sunday, which will be tough with the race school taking all day both days. I will probably end up going out tonight to have a day off running tomorrow. It's getting to the point that I look forward to the "days off", although I end up filling those evenings with other stuff. Maybe I should try running in the morning once in a while.

News of Alex:
Alex is still in Chicago. We have been communicating by Skype and email. She has managed to have many restaurant meals with family and colleagues, and also work and go to the theater. I think she will call it a good trip all in all. She will be back in town tomorrow evening.

Cool cars spotted:
Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Bentley Continental
Bentley Arnage
Audi S6 V10
Audi R8
Alfa Romeo Spyder Graduate
Saleen S281
Brabus Mercedes G-Wagen
Maserati GT
Toyota Land Cruiser 2-door
Toyota Supra twin-turbo
Nissan 370Z

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