Saturday, January 12, 2008

A sunny day in winter

After a week of warm temperature and rain, it's crisp and sunny today. The second snowcross event in Ottawa was cancelled due to a lack of snow. Bummer. The dry weather has allowed me to do some touch ups on the Civic where there is a beginning of rust on the rear quarter panels. While driving in my neighbourhood today, I was extremely surprised to cross paths with a Ferrari 328... these cars are rarew enough, but to see one being driven in the middle of winter was astounding.

As for the event I attended last week, the results were never updated and my name is still not listed. This is annoying. I really like to know how I did in events and the wait is agonizing! I put a short video of my last run on Youtube:

This gives you an idea of what the event is like. That was a run on the short course. The stopwatch only starts on the straighaway and the timed run was about 36 seconds.

Basically, there has not been much going on on the automotive front. That's winter for you!

Cool cars spotted:
Ferrari 328 GTS
Skyline R32 GTR

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