Sunday, November 4, 2007

Drive in the countryside

Alex and I went for a lovely drive in the countryside today. We drove the 194 km "Circuit du Paysan" in the southern Montérégie area, between Montreal and the U.S. border. The roads were pretty straight, but the scenery was beautiful. I love driving in the country so much, even in a car with 82 hp.

I brought Pat a starter (20$, found on the internet) to install in the Civic and tomorrow I'll bring him the new brakes. The car is taking a while to finish, but I want it to be in top shape so that I don't have to worry about Alex when she drives it. Also, I have to be ready in case I have to go through with the Transport Canada inspection (see previous posts).

Pat let me try his flat red Civic with the SOHC vtec motor and it moves pretty fast. The interior is stripped out and I figure it must weigh about 200 lbs less than my Civic. Pat showed me a stock exhaust system he had lying around (one like mine) and I realize that the exhaust might be restricting some of the power from the B18. Something to look into...

Carl told me someone stole the air filter off the race Civic while it was parked outside at Trac. Thieves are lame.

I finished reading Ben Lovejoy's trip reports on his excellent web site. It's sad to come to the end of these reports, as they provided a nice distraction when I had a free moment to surf the net.

Cool cars spotted:
Audi S8 V10
Lotus Esprit S4


  1. Vince,

    Reading you is always a pleasure. You have a gift, I can't believe how you make little things sound so interesting. Say hi to Alex for me.

    It's my firt time on your blog but I will follow it religiously from now on!!

    Take care.


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