Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ready for winter

Winter is pretty much here now. It was colder yesterday than any other November 14th in history. I finally got the Saabaru fully ready for winter (rustproofing, winter tires, new windshield) and am enjoying it as much as I did last year (and it hasn't even snowed yet). 

Other people are ready for winter too: 

This 4x4x2 looks like it could roll over the Maserati if it wanted to
Defender 110 in the city
There are still a few classics on the road:
My brother's first car was a Malibu
I see this clean E28 535i quite often in the neighbourhood
Not my thing, but cool to see a Corvair on the road
Nice wheels and "stance"
I find myself more and more drawn to these CLA45's... I wonder how they are to drive.
Looks sharp in silver too.
It snowed on the M3 a little... time to find a storage spot.
My dream winter car and actual winter car
2 Saabs in one shot...
... and again!

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