Wednesday, June 13, 2018

F1 Week and the Civic still not ready for action

I dropped by Pat's garage to fix a dent on the BMW and got to see the Civic with its new fender rails. The car is not ready for action yet because Pat is just really busy with the garage. Hopefully I'll get it back before my vacation at the end of next week. 

New fender rail is in
... on each side.
As is the case every year, there were a ton of cool cars to see during the week of the Canadian Grand Prix. There seemed to be a remarkable amount of Mclarens this year. Porsche had a major display set up on Peel street. They had many of the brand's best on display: Carrera GT, 997 GT3 4.0 RS, 991 GT2 RS, 911R... all parked next to each other. They had a 991 on display on which kids could place leave their had prints, which Jules and Oscar were happy to do. 

Aventador Roadster
991 GT3 in a subtle colour
Ultra rare: Carrera GT
997 GT3 4.0RS
Jules leaving a hand print on a 991
... Oscar too
991 GT2 RS
And another
Mclaren and 991 in Old Montreal
The usual suspects at the LH Hotel
Mclaren with 2 more in the background
Cool AMG C63 coupe
One of my favourite Mclarens: the 650S
I like the colour combo on this MR2
These Acura Vigors have become extremely rare
New Aston Martin Vantage
An older race-spec Vantage
Mclarens on display in Old Montreal
A rare C7 Z06
Yet another 991 GT3
Retro-themed Montreal police car
My buddy Mazen's BMW 340i

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