Friday, May 19, 2017

BMW HPDE at Tremblant... no laps for me

Monday I took a day off from my day job to instruct at a BMW club event at Tremblant. I loaded up the Civic and headed out at the crack of dawn. Just as I was about to head out on track for my first session, one of my brake hoses failed. It had clearly been rubbing on something, maybe the wheels I used to drive to and from Calabogie? I called around the parts stores and no one had a replacement (I had spares at home... DOH!). I ordered the part at the local Canadian Tire, but it would only arrive at 4:00 pm. At least I only had a single student to instruct. I drove maybe 5 laps in his Golf GTi, it was better than nothing. I installed the new brake line in the Canadian Tire parking lot and drove home. When changing the opposite brake hose(to have the same model on each side), I broke the bolt that holds the hose on the caliper. I ordered a replacement from the Honda dealer yesterday, but they screwed up my order and I won't get it until Tuesday. The car is parked for now, with no front brakes.

There were many cool cars on display, as usual, including all generations of M3. Here are a few pics:

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