Friday, October 21, 2016

Last Monday night of 2016?

My next-to-last track event of 2016 was Monday night lapping at St-Eustache. I managed to match by best lap time of the year (1:01.85) and finally managed to catch up to that Phoenix Yellow E46 M3 I have been chasing all season. Here is a video:

And here are some excellent photos of the night from JAG Imaging.

 photo 26.09.2016h_zps5b8l05yt.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016f_zpsmxn6j0at.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016i_zpsnq8afxed.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016e_zpsaie8rsw0.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016g_zpsjfustv4h.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016d_zpsu45lr94g.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016c_zpsmn71wn58.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016b_zpsz1sz0gck.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016a_zpsoojw316x.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016m_zpsr5zdnpt0.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016j_zpsi8ieuew8.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016l_zps6ysv6phl.jpg
 photo 26.09.2016k_zpshu7unuo8.jpg

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