Thursday, September 15, 2016

In Memoriam: Stéphane Boutin

A few weeks ago, the Quebec racing community lost one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet at a race track. Stéphane Boutin succumbed to cancer at only 48 years old, and when my race buddies and I found out about it, we were shocked and deeply saddened... we had all known that Stéphan had cancer, but we (maybe naively) thought that he was in remission, as he had begun to make appearances at the track once in a while to hang out and say hello. He even came to our AISA race school at St-Eustache in April and had his friend Dave take this photo beside my then-newly-acquired Civic (I took it to mean he approved of my choice).

 photo IMG_0285_zpshmovquyb.jpg

On the Monday after the funeral, Carl chose to organize a lap of honour in his memory. The lead car was Stéphane's first track car, a Honda Prelude, which is now owned by his friend Marco. Over 60 cars took to the track for this lap. I believe it was a fit tribute to a really great guy. Stéphane, you will be missed.

 photo 29.08.2016c_zpsw9x8xbaa.jpg

 photo 29.08.2016f_zpsw2j1lk8j.jpg
 photo 29.08.2016h_zps92daalgs.jpg

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