Thursday, September 15, 2016

First time camping as a family!

Alex and I had decided that this was the year we were going to try to take the boys camping. We decided to let our friend Nico, an experienced camper and father of two, reserve the campground. We would be joined by another couple, Mathieu and Morgan, with their two kids. The place Nico chose was very family friendly in that is had a beach and a playground. It was not a "hardcore" place in the woods, and most of its clientele seemed to have installed their trailers there in a more or less permanent fashion. There were only a handful of tent campers like us. 

We had planned to spend one night, and then "see how it goes" before committing to a second night. I hadn't realized it at the time, but Alex pretty much assumed we were only staying one night. I, on the other hand, thought that after all the work of packing the car, setting up the tent and everything, we might as well stay the second night, especially since the Monday was a holiday and we would have plenty of time to recover at home. Somehow, my view of things won out and we stayed for two nights.

We set up Oscar's travel bed in our tent, along with a queen-sized inflatable mattress where Jules, Alex and I would sleep. Each person had a sleeping bag and the system worked pretty well. We went for a canoe ride and I accidentally tipped the canoe when getting in, sending Jules and Morgan into the water (sorry guys!). Everyone was wearing life jackets and the weather was warm, so it was not that big a deal. Still, I felt bad when I saw Jules shivering while he dried off in the sun. 

Other than that, we cooked on a portable BBQ and on the fire and everyone had a good time. We were home early enough on Sunday to enjoy a leisurely walk in Outremont.

To my surprise, during this leisurely walk, we came upon a small car show, or concours, in one of the parks we usually go to with the boys. It was a very small show, with mostly "run of the mill" classics, but the one car that really stood out was this Bugatti Type 35.

I looked all around the car for any sign that it was a replica, and could not see any (based on my limited knowledge of pre-war sports cars). I posted some photos on Facebook and the consensus seemed to be that it was a "Pur Sang", a near-perfect replica built by a company in Argentina that restores classic Bugatti's. The company is so well-respected that it inspired the Pur Sang edition of the modern Bugatti Veyron. Even though it was a replica (a 250 000 $ one, mind you), I found the car to be very impressive.

Here are some of the more common classics that were on hand:

Finally, here are some other spots from the past couple of weeks:

Track-modified M3 I often see around
A rare E63 AMG wagon
Another rarity: a Cayman GT4
These used to be common: a 993 Turbo
The F12 is not as pretty as the 599 it replaced, but it's still pretty nice
This new Focus RS showed up for the Stéphane Boutin tribute lap
This past Monday, this lovely Viper ACR dropped by, but we never got to see it on track.

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