Thursday, August 25, 2016

More summer car spotting in Montreal

This Saab is almost exactly the same ad the one I used to have (mine was navy blue though)
I love this Ford GT...
... even if red is not the best colour for this car.
Tight parking for this 997 Turbo, with the center-lock wheel up against the curb

Loud Aventador spotted downtown
I don't know what this 6-series was... Alpina wheels, M-badge on the grill... maybe a Euro-spec M635csi?

The Ferrari 348 still looks cool to me
Super-clean 635csi I have seen before
A rare Evo 8 or 9, looks aggressive even when parked
The new Aston Martin Vainquish
How many Isuzu Impulse's are still on the road? Even more rare, the turbo AWD version!
One of BMW's best recent designs
When 8 cylinders are not enough: V12!
New Tesla Model X... it's not ugly
At the Club Civic Quebec track day... NSX x 2
4th gen Civic and 8th gen
Not a car you often see in flat black!
Maybe the best value today in a used Porsche? 996 Turbo
A rare silver BMW i8
New front end for the Tesla Model S
I see and hear this Ferrari 488 quite often in my neighbourhood 
Are new cars big compared to classics? Clearly they are!

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