Thursday, August 25, 2016

I finally lapped St-Eustache under 1:02!

I was confident that with slightly cooler weather, I would be able to lap St-Eustache in under 1:02... I had hit 1:02.2 on many occasions. On Monday, it was only 21 degrees, and on my last run of the evening, while playing with a Scion FRS and Miata on the track, I finally did it: 1:01.86. Here is a video of that run. This is the first time I use computer-generated music for the intro and credits, and as long as you link to the music website, it's totally free:

Rob finally made it to the track in his M3. He tried to keep up with me, but my car is just better suited to a small track like St-Eustache.

I had two students with very different cars. The first was a Fox-body Mustang 5.0. These cars look and sound cool, but they really feel dated compared to Honda's or Miata's of the same year. The seats are terrible, this car had solid engine mounts that translated a ton of vibration to the chassis, and honestly, the car does not even feel that fast in a straight line.

My other student had a Golf R. That car is fast, and feels it. It also seems a bit boring and the AWD does not seem to make it any more fun than a regular Golf GTi. I don't know if it is the weight distribution or the electronics, but it just doesn't seem like a driver's car on track. I'm sure it makes an excellent daily driver, however.

Here are some of JAG's excellent photos.

 photo 22.08.2016e_zpsvlaq6epd.jpg
 photo 22.08.2016b_zpsknwgodd3.jpg
 photo 22.08.2016g_zpseochi3nb.jpg
 photo 22.08.2016f_zpsuoyjnve6.jpg
 photo 22.08.2016a_zpson99ccbw.jpg
 photo 22.08.2016_zpsrmf3lhnf.jpg
 photo 22.08.2016c_zpsgi8idsjm.jpg

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