Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chasing lap times...

I've been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time on the track at St-Eustache in the past few days. On Saturday, I went to instruct at the annual Club Civic Quebec track day and I got in a few sessions with the Civic. I borrowed my friend Rob's Bluetooth GPS to see if it would lead to more accurate lap timing with the RaceChrono app on my phone. The answer is yes. When I uploaded the GPS data to the video editing program, the variation in lap times was a few hundredths of a second, so I was sold. In fact, I ordered an identical unit (90$) and I think it will be money well spent. The most addictive feature of this setup is that in any given lap, you can see if you are going faster than your best lap of the session or not, and by how much time. Using this feature, I could see that I had 3 or 4 laps to set a fastest time before the tires would reach a temperature at which their grip would be reduced. My best time on Saturday was a 1:02.40 and I managed to improve this on Monday to 1:02.20, my best ever time with this car. I honestly don't think I can push much harder. It is now clearly realistic to hit the 1:01's, but it's hard for me to imagine going under 1:01 with the current setup.

Now that I have accumulated enough laps with the car at St-Eustache, I think that I am almost at the point where I have accomplished what I can on this track. To keep things interesting, I think the key will be to take the car to other tracks and see if I can drive as well and consistently there.

Here are some of JAG's excellent photos from last Monday:

 photo 0afa68b8-a7ec-4712-b169-38f289a86b82_zps0hsym1cn.jpg
 photo 08082016a_zpswhnugzlj.jpg
 photo 08082016c_zps6wij8j3f.jpg
 photo 08082016d_zpsdati5bxk.jpg
 photo 08082016h_zpsxgpbphm8.jpg
 photo 08082016j_zpshnbdamkl.jpg
 photo 08082016m_zpse2yeyy60.jpg
 photo 08082016o_zpsy2fs9qjz.jpg
 photo 08082016n_zpsrugggiee.jpg

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