Monday, July 25, 2016

Random car spotting in Montreal

Here are a bunch of interesting car spots from June and July. Enjoy!

Fisker Karma in a rare colour
This generation of AMG SL is nicer looking than the current one
I like this modified Civic sedan
Unbelievably rare Accord hatch in fantastic condition
The Porsche 968 has aged very well
The current AMG SL does look good from some angles
I like this JDM style Acura RSX
How many Pontiac 6000's are still on the road?
Still one of my favourites
I quite like these Boxster Spyders too
I was surprised to bump into this street-registered Locost home-built special
I found out on Facebook that it features a Honda S2000 powertrain and suspension.

Another blast from the past, Mazda MX6 in nice condition
Don't know if this was a real GT3, but it was certainly an interesting colour combination
The current GT3 RS is loud, visually and aurally!
This colour works well for the car
Another unexpected colour for a 911, and I like the duck tail spoiler too.
I don't love the Lexus RC-F's design, but I give points to Lexus for trying new things
I love the retro look of this old Ford Bronco
The new Civic can look good with the right wheels and a small wing
A Rare Nissan Figaro
I really love the McLaren's too
Tastefully modified Saab 900 4-door
Hennessey Corvette on Grand Prix weekend
Aftermarket wheels make this newer M3 stand out
Just like mine, but with the 19-inch wheel option
Less rare than the new GT4, but still pretty rare: the 987 Cayman R
The LH Hotel 599, back again this year
There seem to be fewer and fewer of these V10 M5's on the road
On display during F1 weekend, the new Alfa Giulia
It looks sharp!
Fake barn find Porsche GT3
A "regular" GT3
Cool wheels
Manual turbo diesel European import VW camper

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